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A modular, flexible platform for delivering consumer applications that translate health data into Story.
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Consumers are driving unprecedented change in healthcare.

Adoption of healthcare technology continues to accelerate, but the experience leaves much to be desired, with 78% of consumers saying that the digital health experience needs to be improved.

Patients expect a more human, connected user experience that’s personalized, predictive, and empathetic.

The problem

Personal health data is coded like hieroglyphics.

77 million

adults in the United States have "Basic" or "Below Basic" health literacy levels.

Present methods of compliance fail to motivate.

7 out of 10

patients won't adhere to preventative or treatment regimens when they require lifestyle changes.

Continuity of care is severely lacking.


of patients misunderstand, forget, or ignore healthcare advice - across many disease conditions.


A single, unified platform for delivering continuous holistic healthcare experience that improves outcomes.

Individuals are not statistics, and every person’s story is what brings their data to life.

By enabling individuals to own their data and understand the story their healthcare information is telling them, your organization can empower them to lead healthier, happier lives.

StoryMD is the platform that makes that happen.

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